Explanation of LEVEL 3

Q1 What country does not have GIAHS sites?

(Answer) Nigeria
(Explanation) An oasis in Mahgreb in Algeria ,and cattle breeding of Massai in Kenya.

Q2 Why did GIAHS in Japan registered recently?

(Answer) At first it was the program for developing countries.

Q3 How many correct sentences are there?  
 ・Lack of successors will be solved by FAO by registration.  
 ・MinamiTanabe, Nagara-river, and Santomishinden were waiting for registration.(2015/11)

(Answer) 0
(Explanation) There are advantages of celebrity and brand by registration, but support of successors and financial support will be not guaranteed. Also, sites applied as GIAHS are "minabetanabe" "nagarariver" "akatihokyou".

Q4 How many correct sentences are there?   
 ・''Local production for local consumption'' without import and export is always eco-friendly.   
 ・Community means a small village.

(Answer) 0
(Explanation) If Banana were made in Tokyo, enormous energy would be necessary. When banana is transported to Moscow, food mileage that it is transported from Europe is less than that from the Kuril Island Community is living collective which is bound in area.

Q5 What is the correct combination registered as GIAHS last year?

(Answer) Aso,Shizuoka,Kunisaki
(Explanation) Sado and Shizuoka were registered in 2011, Aso, Noto and Kunisaki in 2013.