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   Do you know where the food we eat comes from?

   The food we eat is closely related with the environment. For example, the food imported from overseas is transported by ship or airplane. Even if food is made in the country, trucks are used as its transportation. As it takes longer time to transport, it has a bad influence on the emvironment.

   So we Japanese try to serve the environment with the movement called "chisanchishou" (local production for local consumption). This means that we consume local food which are produced in the local area where we live. This has advantages that we can know who the producer is and local agriculture can be revitalized.

   Our project has focused on the research into agriculture in area. You can also see GIAHS(Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems )as examples to learn about the mechanism of sustainable societies.

Origin of "GIAHS of the Earth"

   Our site, "GIAHS of the Earth" originated from GIAHS, Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, and the Earth.
   We named this website "GIAHS of the Earth" because our dream is to create sustainable society.

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   In this website, you can learn in turn, if you want to learn about a particular topic, please choose the page from SITE MAP.

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