The history of GIAHS

   FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization, promoted farming reform, in other words, breeding and agricultural magnification and tried to progress in productivity and harvest, because they tried to solve food crisis.

   However, the environmental destruction and industrialization of farming by intervention of major companies came up in some areas.
As a result, they reflected back on traditional farming techniques and started to make use of them.

   That is "Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems", GIAHS.

Criterion of GIAHS

   The definition of GIAHS is excellent land use system which is abundant in biodiversity in sustainable environment and scenery.

   Let's see GIAHS more in detail.

Security of food and living:whether food can be supplied by the farming of the local area and the residents can maintain faming as the means of living.

Knowledge system and adaptable technique:whether use of land and water resource are matched with the local environment and the traditional techniques and knowledge are made use of.

Biodiversity and multi-function:whether biodiversity for example, rare species and species indigenous to Japan and diversity of crops are maintained and it was related to the system of farming and ecosystem.

Culture, sense of value and social organization: whether traditional or social approach is used and there is a social organization to succeed them and give instruction in the area.

Good scenery and characteristic of land and water:whether there is beautiful scenery which farming system is in harmony with the environment to preserve this scenery and bio diversity.