We went to Taiwan(2015/10/21~2015/10/24).
   We will introduce activities we did there.

in Taiwan

   We went there to learn about local production for local consumption or four days.

   In Taiwan, we discussed local production and local consumption with high school students of Taipei First Girl's High School. We can talk about advantages of decreasing food mirage and the way. (please refer to discussion about local production and local consumption)

   We visited Green building and tried to ride the You Bike. The library of Green building(☆) we visited generated electricity by solar panels, and had beautiful scenery that the library was in harmony with nature. "You Bike" is the system of rental cycle and popular in Taipei. While we were in Taipei, we ate Chinese food, but there were a lot of dishes, so we couldn't eat all. Also, we always used the bus, in spite of short moving. We ourselves should have been careful of eco-friendly actions in Taipei because we went there to learn about the environment.

   In Taiwan, motor cycles are popularized, so when we went out to the town early in the morning, we encountered the rush caused by the motor cycles. The number of You-Bike users is gradually increasing, and there are people who use You Bike as the commuting way.

☆ Green building: the building which is made from natural material and make the most of the newest technology. For example, to set solar panels on the roof, to reuse rain and so on.

The Last: What we want to tell you.