Introduction of member

 Shingen assignment: leader/producer
 a person from Saitama

   Shingen is a treasurer of the school festival executive. Like that, she has a sense of responsibility. She has been interested in biodiversity.
   Her words; I was really tired, but today we live in an information society, so I am pleased with this experience. I was able to know about jpg of gif.

 Saiya assignment: contents
 a person from Tochigi

   Saiya is lively, and good at arranging the schedule. She has hope that a lot of people will come to her hometown.
   Her words: this project was harder than I thought, but I really enjoy this valuable experience.

 Angel assignment: contents
 a person from Saitama

   Angel can think things from a various viewpoint.She is interested in agriculture in an aarea and has a lot of knowladge of GIAHS.
   Her words: I was able to know more information about sustainable sosiety by discussion and opinion of others.


   ---Introduction of member